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About SixPax Personal Training, Nutrition, and Fitness Therapy


Are you interested in personal training?

Your health is an investment, NOT an expense. Let’s say personal training is $280 per month. How much money do we spend on clothes we don’t need or coffee we could make at home? You could use that money to feel good in the clothes you already have. That $280 could go to burning calories instead of adding them with a mocha-latte-whatever. But why invest in yourself? I thought you would never ask.

1. Accountability- It’s much harder to skip out on a workout session when you have an individual that expects you to be there. Not to mention an individual you are paying to be there. Working with a trainer differs from bootcamp because if you skip on the bootcamp, it continues without you.

2. Consistency- Working with a trainer can mean your workouts are more consistent. Instead of making it to a class four times in one week and then only one class for the next two, personal training requires a consistent schedule for maximum results. 

3. Nutritional advice (some trainers anyway)- Frustrated with not seeing results even though you’ve been busting your buns in class? Nutrition is probably why you aren’t seeing the results you want. MOST personal trainers are versed in proper nutrition to accompany your workout routine. Proper nutrition is how you get the most out of your workouts. 

4. Proper form- It’s beneficial to hire a personal trainer even for a couple of months to learn proper form. After all, exercise is for improving cardiovascular endurance, muscle mass, and increasing longevity. 

5. Prehab/rehab and injury prevention- If you have any injuries, a trainer can help rehab these injuries (not as in depth as a physical therapist of course) but trainers can help with decreasing the likelihood of injury in the future. 

6. Specialized training- Do you have something specific you are training for? Want to compete in a tough mudder or a bodybuilding show? Do you want to finally be able to do a pullup or a pushup? Hiring a trainer is going to be your best bet in accomplishing these goals.

7. Goal setting- This goes along with specialized training. Do you have specific goals, but have no idea how to get there? Personal trainers can help break down your goal into bite sized pieces. 

8. Motivation and education- Motivation is a fickle friend. There are days you just can’t even. Motivation goes hand in hand with accountability. When motivation dips, a trainer becomes more valuable because of the accountability we offer. Another staple of personal training is education. We want to educate you to be able to take care of your body, both inside and out, for the remainder of your life. Trainers educate you on nutrition, proper form, injury prevention, and even exercise selection for your specific goals. Because when it comes to training, ignorance is NOT bliss. 

9. Improved mental health- It’s no secret that exercise increases the release of endorphins. Trainers are unofficial therapists! I have never had a client leave a session with me feeling worse, mentally, than when they came in. Physically might be another story though…

10. Fun- Last, but certainly not least, working out with a trainer is fun! Most of my clients become some of my closest friends. It’s nice to meet with your friend at the gym and get to turn off your brain while getting an awesome workout in with someone you like.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training


Here is why personal training is different at SixPax, other than the quality of our trainers.

1. NO WAITING FOR EQUIPMENT!!! Personal training at most gyms means that you're just one of the 100's of people working out at that time. You have to fight over equipment and weights just like everyone else. You're surrounded by people flexing in the mirror or taking selfies.  Sound familiar? 

At SixPax you will train in our gym, we try to schedule sessions while classes are not going on, which means that it's not just personal, IT'S PRIVATE.  It's very likely that you will be the only person in the building. So don't worry about your hair, what you're wearing, or who you're going to run into and just go to the gym!

2. Our modo is "Wherever you are in your fitness journey, you are always welcome here." This means there is no judgement here. We strive to be the most friendly welcoming gym in town, and our members are the best too!

3. Our billing system. Personal training is expensive. We don't sell huge packages of 20 or 30 sessions. With our system, you chose how many sessions you want per week and you pay for those bi-weekly. So at SixPax if you select a 12-month 2x/week package that's $60 per session, you pay $240 every other week. It's that simple!

Fitness Therapy

Personal Training

Personal Training


"Fitness Therapy" is a one-on-one session designed to help keep you heading in the right direction. We will discuss your fitness and nutritional goals, and come up with a plan for you to reach them! Just to be clear, this is not meal prep creation or personal training. It's fitness for your mind. Some of the topics we discuss are:


1. What are your nutrition and fitness goals for you personally...

2. What are your goals for your family (spouse, children, parents...).

3. What to do if you don't have a support system at home....

4. How to be the support system in your home for health and fitness.

5. We'll create a fitness plan and discuss the challenges and how to make this schedule work for you and why this is good for your entire family.

6. We'll discuss healthy eating habits that you can implement in your home to help your family become healthier without feeling like they're on Survivor.

7. We can discuss the stresses in your life and what is keeping you from making your health and fitness a priority and how to change the tide.

8. Anything else that you need to discuss...

Our number one goal is to assist you in creating something that is sustainable. I want to help you build a healthy lifestyle that incorporates nutrition and exercise for the rest of your life. For you, and for your loved ones.

We sell Fitness Therapy is Six Month packages. Call or email now for more information.  

Terms and Billing Info


3, 6, 12-month Personal Training Contracts pursuant to the below terms:

1. Each session is one hour. 

2. Contract will auto-bill every 2-weeks from the start date.

2. Sessions must be used within the two week billing cycle.

3. Sessions do not roll over between billing cycles.

4. Failure to cancel an appointment within 24 hours will result in forfeiture of that visit credit. 

5. Contract will auto-renew at the end of the initial 3 month term. To cancel this agreement you must have fulfilled the initial 3,6, or 12-month commitment, and provide 30 days written notice of your intent to cancel. This provides the trainer with sufficient notice so they can update their schedule for new and existing clients.  

6. Client must accept the standard SixPax, LLC Terms & Conditions and sign the liability waiver.