Our Classes

Box Camp


These sessions are designed to give solid training in boxing fitness and boot camp style exercises – so they are suitable for beginners or advanced customers who want to train hard and increase speed and agility. You’ll move between pad work, bag work, weights, and bands.  Don’t worry, we’ll make sure your heart rate is always up and your technique is on point. 



This is the 30-minute party at the gym you have to try! Workout to the beat of the music with colored lights and lots of energy. At SixPax we believe that fitness can be a blast and this high intensity boxing class is where it’s at.

PaxFit Bootcamp


Strength and conditioning is the foundation of SixPax. This class will improve strength and flexibility while increasing endurance and core stability. Bring your max energy levels and you’ll be building endurance and shredding fat in no time.



Strength training is one of the most effective methods of exercise with scientifically proven health benefits; helping you burn tons of calories in a single session as well as promoting sustainable weight loss. Strength training will burn just as much fat, if not more, than most cardio workouts, while building your resting metabolic rate so you continue to burn up to 72 hours after your session.

PaxPOWER will include a range of strengthening exercises, both isometric and isotonic which make you stronger, fitter and leaner. STRONG is the new badass!

Total Body TRX


HecticThirty minutes is all you need of this Suspension Training class! This intermediate level, dynamic class builds strength, flexibility, and endurance while activating your core.

Developed by a Navy SEAL, the Suspension Trainer is the original workout system that leverages gravity and your own bodyweight. You’re in control of how much you want to push yourself on each exercise; simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. This class is a quick paced, cardiovascular and muscular endurance challenge that engages all of your muscles with a non-stop, intense approach. Once you are comfortable using the Suspension Trainer, the quick transitions will allow you to achieve the high intensity calorie burning workout you crave. lifestyle but determined to meet your goals? Join us for our lunchbox boxing class. A 30-minute high-intensity boxing workout during lunchtime that will have you feeling accomplished without missing a beat of your busy day. 



GET YOUR ASS UP!!! RISE & GRIND is an intensive functional circuit class which will push you to your limits. 

RISE & GRIND is focused specifically on speed, strength and flexibility while increasing overall endurance. Each exercise will be focused to target a range of muscle groups, giving you an intense full body workout using either kickboxing, mitt work, free weights, body weight, or resistance equipment. 

You’ll work in timed intervals with little to no rest between stations, maintaining high energy to complete multiple rounds. 

RISE & GRIND is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their muscular strength and cardiovascular health as well as build strong foundations using functional equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, heavy bags, and more.

Friday Beatdown (Advanced)


We’re on a new level in this high intensity Freddy special! Think faster combos, advanced focuses, & more challenging conditioning for the chance to exceed your own expectations of what your body & mind are capable of. It’s going to be a boxing-intensive, serious full body burn. Prerequisite: Strong understanding of all fundamentals including punches and footwork.   

SixPax Self-Defense Seminars


Nearly 50% of women will be sexually assaulted, not including rape. In addition, one in five women will be raped in their lifetime. Don’t be a victim. Start your journey of self-empowerment at our very first SixPax Self-Defense Seminar! Special guest Chris Griffin of Griffin’s Submission Academy will be instructing the course. Chris will teach you hands on techniques and tips to assist you in becoming more aware and better equipped to handle a difficult or questionable situation. The class will cover self-defense from common chokes, grabs, and strikes as well as ways to avoid confrontation. This self defense class is designed for beginners and we encourage you to invite friends and family! Available to men and women, ages 13 and up. 

Puppy Yoga (Coming Soon)


Puppy Yoga takes place every 6-12 weeks.  Yes we actually do Yoga, but the twist is that there will be puppies EVERYWHERE! We have 40 spots available for each Puppy Yoga class and they sell out quick, so don't hesitate to register.  All proceeds from Puppy Yoga are donated.  Each time we pick a different cause, but at least half will go to our partner rescue organization, The Pit Bulls of St. Francis.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the the next class.