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SixPax Fitness is a boutique cardio kickboxing gym in Louisville that offers a fun twist on traditional cardio kickboxing, boxing, yoga, bootcamp, and cross training workouts. Our classes are as unique as their names, no workout is the same!!!

About Us

Mission, Philosophy, and Vision

My mission is to help our clients become a stronger-healthier version of themselves, while creating an environment that is accepting and non-intimidating.

My philosophy is wherever you are in your fitness journey, you are always welcome here.  

My vision is to provide a high intensity and fun workout where we support and encourage each other to achieve our goals. We do this by providing a fun twist on traditional kickboxing and bootcamp styles workouts. The strength is in the community.


The Motivation Behind the Name

Meet Pax! I rescued Pax from an unfortunate situation. He had been abused and was brought to the animal shelter in rough condition and had to have his eye removed immediately. Not knowing how long he had been suffering, I wanted to adopt him the second I saw him. Long story short, he is now in a very happy home and all is good in the world!

When I was throwing around the idea of opening up my own gym, I wanted him to be involved in any way possible, hence the name SixPax! 

Meet Our Team

Owner and Founder

Don’t let those dimples fool you, Christine "Freddy" Alfred is a force to be reckoned with. She is a degreed fitness professional who completed a B.S. in Exercise Science with an emphasis as a Health and Fitness Specialist. Christine has experience teaching group classes such as Spin, Cardio Kickboxing, Step, and Pilates. She also has worked as a Personal Trainer and Corporate Wellness Director.
In college she got an internship opportunity in San Diego working at a children’s weight loss camp. That’s where she decided her passion wasn’t just helping people get healthier, but changing their lives.
After managing a kickboxing gym for two years and her boss moving away and selling the franchise, she decided it was time to put her ideas and creativity to use. She used her one eyed rescue pup, Pax, as motivation to create SixPax Fitness.
SixPax was created on the idea that “Wherever you are in your journey, you are always welcome here.” Meaning, we welcome EVERYONE. We are a community, we are a family, we are a PACK.
SixPax was also created on the idea to give back. If Christine is given a platform, she’s going to use it to make the world a better place.

Trainer, Lauren Ward

Lauren Elizabeth Ward is back in her roots after spending some time living/training in NYC. She is so excited to start motivating and sharing her passion for fitness with the place that built her. Lauren started her journey into fitness very early in life, her parents joke that she could dance before she could walk. Lauren's love for performing has carried her through her life! She graduated from the youth performing arts school/Manual High School, and from the University of Kentucky with a B.A in Theatre and a minor in Dance. While at UK, Lauren was given the opportunity to teach where she found her love for motivating others. After discovering Yoga through staying in shape as a dancer, Lauren dedicated herself to the practice and became a certified Yoga Instructor. Lauren continues to be inspired by new forms of fitness including boxing, where she took many classes during her time spent in NYC. She is thrilled to start her journey with SIXPAX and is ready to get movin with everyone! 

Personal Trainer, Tabitha Hope

Despite being named for a popular witch, Tabitha is anything but. Tabitha Engle has been an integral part of the fitness communities of Lexington and Louisville for ten years. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a focus on fitness and health promotion. One on one personal training has been her passion since being certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2009. After graduating, Tabitha took a brief dive into the corporate world but quickly came back to her passion for training and immersed herself in nutrition research and training implementation. Tabitha has competed in five figure competitions across the span of 10 years and through the grueling process of competing, she found her specialty in nutrition. She is excited to bring her knowledge to the SixPax Fitness community and share her experience with everyone she meets!

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Contact Us

SixPax, LLC

2301 Terra Crossing Blvd, Louisville, Kentucky 40245, United States

(502) 792-8197